These girls, M. Faust, M. Hofmann, H. Cunningham, M. Blankenbiller, M. Wolf, V. Oelschlager, and L. Rehs, under the guidance of Sister Casimir, are learning the fundamentals of sewing - 1943Filing is one of the most valuable and interesting branches of office practice. these able students show how it's done; W. Leach, W. Vath, L. Chelius, M. Loeper, C. Breedy, and Anne Leonard - 1943R. McFadden, J. Richards, and F. Kirkpatrick get acquainted with the dictaphones (typewriters), while B. Sheidy and S. Oswald try their hand at calculation - 1950J. Hehn, G. Aschenbrenner, E. Slegowski, H. Offenderlein, T. Horrigan, N. Waldman, R. Henry, and J. Govern proudly look over their unbroken record of first honors - 1950"Lexicographer, look it up!" is a familiar tune to D. Kozlowski and J. Bricker. Father McGrath and M. Greytok watch their assiduity in following commands during a typical senior Religion class - 1950Recording data, calculating frequencies, securing connections, and adjusting controls - 1962Efficiency is the keynote of the modern business world - 1962Career Day Assembly Preparations - 1962The guard salutes the future members of the National Honor Society, 1985